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If you’re one of the approximately 50 million Americans who works in a cubicle, you know the advantages – relative privacy and a customizable environment – and the disadvantages, such as frequent interruptions and a distracting noise level.

To help make your cubicle life more productive and pleasant, try these tips:

  • Focus – Have a to-do list posted somewhere in sight so that if you do get distracted, you can easily glance at your checklist and find your way back to being productive.
  • Design – Create a personalized space with artwork, photos, desk orientation, etc. where you'll feel happy and comfortable while working.
  • Respect – Stay off the speaker phone, refrain from playing loud music, and avoid hosting meetings inside your cubicle to keep your nearby co-workers happy.
  • Clean – Dust, tidy and vacuum your cubicle space regularly to keep things organized, neat and functional.

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