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The new Preferred Living Room Planner makes it easy to 
re-arrange your furniture – without breaking a sweat.

To find this great feature, click on the Communities link in the menu on the left, and select your home community. Click the Floorplans link at the top of that page. Look for the Floor Planner links on the right side of that page, and then choose the Planner for your floorplan.

The Room Planner window will pop up. Select the room you'd like to work in from the top menu. To choose the furniture you'd like to place into a room, just click on it and it will appear in the middle of your floorplan. To move the furniture, simply drag and drop it. You can change the orientation of the furniture by using the rotating arrows or the "0-90-180-270" boxes in the top right corner.

When you're done, you can save and/or print your floorplan, and then start moving your furniture for real.

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