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Almost 17 million Americans try to quit smoking each year, but only about 1.3 million are able to ditch the addictive habit. As hard as it is, quitting is possible. If you’re trying, use your friends and your phone for help!

Researchers at the University of Auckland in New Zealand compared the success of smokers trying to quit with outside support via their phones with a group trying to quit without that support. The group that received daily quitting tips via text plus encouragement from friends were twice as likely to be successful as the group going without that support. And the rate of staying smoke-free was also higher for the cell-supported group.

Put this research to use and use a free text message service to create and schedule text messages to yourself from your computer. Then ask your friends and family to help out by sending other encouraging texts so that the next time you have a craving for a smoke you can reach for your phone instead.

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