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Weightlifting can be so rewarding! It’s good for your physical and mental health, and helps you sculpt a stronger body. But weightlifting can also leave muscles sore and make everyday activities a little painful.

To help you recover quickly, drink some cherry juice. A study conducted by University of Vermont researchers and published in Men’s Health revealed that weightlifters who consumed 12 ounces of pure or blended cherry juice twice a day retained more strength and experienced faster pain relief than those who drank other refreshments post workout. 

“A concentration of inflammation-fighting antioxidants inside cherries helps erase the ache,” says study author Declan Connolly, Ph.D. " It minimizes the microscopic muscle tears that occur during forceful contraction."

Connolly says it’s best to drink cherry juice shortly after weightlifting or high-intensity workouts. And if possible, find juice blends without added sugar to lower calorie

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