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Happy holiday season! One of the best things about this time of year is learning about each other’s traditions, and how different cultures and religions celebrate the holidays.

Hispanic communities prepare for the arrival of Christmas with processions called Posadas. They represent the pilgrimage of Mary and Joseph on the nine nights before Jesus’ birthday. 

In Spain, Christmas Day revelers fill the "Urn of Fate" with the names of everyone present at the holiday feast. Then, two names are drawn out. Tradition holds that those two people will find romance or a lasting friendship with each other. 

And more than half the world’s population celebrates a different winter holiday than Christmas. Islamic families exchange gifts on the Islamic New Year to celebrate Muhammad’s long journey from Mecca to Medina. Hindus celebrate the Festival of Lights during the winter months to mark the return of Lord Rama after his defeat of the demon king Ravana. And Buddhists celebrate the Lunar New Year, which takes place between January and April.

No matter how you and your family celebrate this very special time of year, we wish you love, peace and joy, now and in the new year to come. Season's greetings!

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