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Your co-workers are your family away from home. Working 8am to 5pm five days a week means you spend upwards of 45 hours per week together. You can suffer through, or you can do your best to enjoy each other’s company.

Here’s some advice for getting along with someone who isn’t easy to work with:

  • Always maintain your professionalism. Treat every task, team project, presentation and meeting as though you’re being evaluated, and be prepared to carry your weight. Don’t give a troublesome co-worker a reason to place blame on you for a failing project.
  • Avoid workplace gossip. Spreading rumors makes you look immature and petty. Telling other co-workers about your dislike of a member of your team can – and usually does – end up hurting people’s feelings and creating more workplace drama. If you must discuss your frustration, find a trusted friend or colleague outside of work and brainstorm ways to address the situation.
  • Approach the person who is causing the problem and have a private discussion. Explain how their actions are impacting you. Be pleasant and agreeable as you talk with your co-worker. They may not be aware of the impact they have on your work environment. 

Unfortunately, some people just won’t care, but try to come to an agreement about positive and professional actions and move forward.

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