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Congratulations to Matt Hickey, Preferred Living's latest FREE Rent Sweepstakes winner!

Matt grew up in Houston, Texas, and moved to the Columbus area with the rest of his family when his father was offered a job.

Our winner is a certified personal trainer. He and his wife, Tonya, own CORE Fitness studios, voted best local gym for the past two years by The Small Business Beanstalk. The couple also runs an independent nutritional consulting business.

In August 2012 the Hickeys were shopping for a new apartment and found Preferred Living.

"It stuck out above everything else we were looking at," said Matt. "The communities were new, very attractive and had all the conveniences and amenities we were looking for."

They moved into Mercer Square and have loved their community ever since. "We really enjoy the people who live at Mercer."

Matt says he usually doesn't participate in contests like the Preferred Living Free Rent Sweepstakes because he thinks he'll never win. Despite that, though, he entered our contest and it paid off. We asked if he considered himself a lucky person. "Lucky in life? Yes. Lucky in contests? I do now!"

Matt and Tonya plan to put the money they would have spent on rent and utilities over the next 12 months toward savings and paying off debt. They're also going to treat themselves to a nice long cruise

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