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The beautiful weather may be inspiring you to plan a get-together with friends and loved ones. Why not go the extra mile to create a themed experience for your guests? It can help narrow down the planning options and create fond memories for everyone who attends! Here are five awesome theme ideas for your parties this summer:

  1. 60’s “Beach” Party – Stage the party out by the pool at your Preferred Living Community. Supply your guests with a few beach balls, decorate the table with a checkered tablecloth, and encourage attendees to dress in vintage-looking swim and loungewear. Set the mood with 60’s-era beach classics. Serve finger food that emulates picnic nostalgia, like pigs in a blanket or fried chicken. End the party by making s’mores in the fire pit!
  2. Moroccan Dream – Grab some wispy fabrics from the fabric store, some beautiful paper lanterns and all the shiny, embellished pillows you can find. Adorn the cabanas and lounge chairs out by the pool and make sure plenty of candles are lit. Serve foods like marinated ribs, shrimp kabobs, and grape leaves. Set the mood by playing the right music. Suggestion: Rismky Korsakov’s “Scheherazade”.
  3. Clam Bake – Decorate your suite with tin buckets full of glass bottled drinks, globe string lights, and simple linen table cloths. Serve steamed clams, mussels, crab legs, and corn on the cob. Create a stir with a twist on the lobster roll recipe: lemon, olive oil, salt, pepper, and scallions with NO mayonnaise. Be sure to pick up crab-shack bibs for everyone to wear and serve plenty of great side dishes, such as red potato salad. Classic rock music is the perfect accompaniment to this party!
  4. Black and White – If you're ever invited to a black and white party, it’s most likely a formal affair. Why not try this out by the pool in swimwear? Send out theme invitations to your friends ahead of time, requesting that they stick to a black and white dress code. Keep all your decorations to this color scheme and let the food and cocktails serve as pops of color. You’ll have fun choosing all the accessories (like plates and napkins) to set your perfect table.
  5. Pirates, Ahoy! – Encourage your guests to dress in all their finest pirate regalia. Decorate in a nautical theme and serve rum-based cocktails. Prepare goody bags full of pirate’s booty, including gold chocolate coins, gift cards, snacks, and more. Play a classic pirate movie, like “Black Beard, The Pirate” or “The Swiss Family Robinson” in the background. Serve homemade sushi for a special twist.

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