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It’s easy to look at design blogs, magazines, your friends’ and relatives’ homes and think: “Wow, I would sure love to do something like that, but I don’t have time!” Here are some day-long projects that will spruce up your place in NO time at all!

Painting your furniture instead of your walls. You might have a lot of fun painting your walls, but then you have to wait for them to dry (inhaling paint fumes while you sleep or relax is NOT a good idea). Not to mention, you have to move all your furniture away from your walls or even out of the room to start the project. Painting your furniture allows for a bit more cohesiveness in your environment – especially if you have a lot of mismatched pieces.

Open storage in the kitchen. While cupboard and drawer space in the suites at Preferred Living may not be lacking, sometimes it’s aesthetically pleasing (and helpful) to embrace an open storage concept in your kitchen. This way, go-to staples like olive oil, spices, and snacks are easily accessible. If you have beautiful bottles of wine, vinegar or other seasoning, or even cook books, you can arrange them by color or type. For added points of visual interest, mix with small artworks, photos, or objects.

Create distinct areas with accent rugs. Anchor a living room or dining room area with a colorful rug. Pick the one that best suits your taste and the environment itself. For example, a high-pile shag rug might not be ideal for a dining room area (have fun vacuuming the food out of that). If you’ve traveled to or have appreciation for other countries with fantastic woven treasures like Morocco or Turkey, show off your worldly flair to your guests by placing a “destination rug” in a prominent area, like underneath your coffee table in front of your sofa.

Change what you can in the bathroom. As a renter, you don’t get to choose the tile and fixtures in your bathroom, but you can choose shower curtains, bath mats, waste baskets, towels, artwork, soap dispensers, and tooth brush holders that suit your tastes. Choose a color scheme and let the purchasing frenzy begin!

Fill up your walls with love. It is depressing to walk into any living space and see no evidence of a person’s taste, interests, or sense of humor.  Show guests who you really are by hanging a grid of your favorite pictures or art prints inside frames that have large white mats and simple, inexpensive frames. The large mats will provide much-needed white space that makes the pictures pop. Boom! Instant conversation pieces!

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