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Let’s face it. The novelty of the polar vortex has worn off. Working in your pajamas is starting to get old. You’re dreaming of tropical climates and losing touch with reality in the process. To avoid feeling depressed when you see nothing but gray skies outside your window, follow these simple tips for establishing some serious happy inside your living space.

Add Pops of Yellow.
This may seem obvious, but yellow really boosts your mood in an instant. While you may not invest in a yellow sofa or paint a wall, you can accomplish the same effect by making simple adjustments. Switch out your throw pillows. Purchase a yellow candle or even dish towels. Amid neutral décor, yellow accessories are a welcome focal point.

Cultivate an Indoor Garden.
We already suggested some un-killable (well, hard to kill) plant ideas for your office in an earlier blog post, but why not turn on the challenge? Orchids, although temperamental, can be nurtured just by (surprise, surprise) following the directions. One Preferred Living staffer was thoroughly elated to discover how truly low-maintenance they were. All it took was keeping them in a warm, slightly humid environment out of direct sunlight and placing an ice cube in the dirt once a week. It’s that easy folks. It can’t hurt to introduce another living thing besides you into your apartment during this dead, dead season.

Can’t go to the beach? Bring it in!
Adding beachy elements like nautical décor or even glass hurricanes or terrariums filled with shells and sand can convert sad-sack winter attitudes into instant happy. For a bonus mood-lift, try a beachy-scented aroma plug-in.

Create a cozy space.
Got a window? You can have a reading nook! Search the internet for a comfy chair or bench, add a floor lamp, visit your local library and…presto! Instant refuge from the cold.

However, if you’ve got winter blues that don’t seem to fade even as temperatures rise, consider seeking help from a professional. There’s no shame in receiving a little therapy to get you through difficult times! In the meantime, stay warm and stay safe.

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