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The September 18 issue of Forbes magazine named the "19 Places Where It May Be Easier To Make Your Mark", and Columbus, Ohio was ranked number one. The magazine selected cities that are large enough to offer the amenities that create a good quality of life, such as museums, a vibrant downtown, and parks, but have affordable housing and cost of living. These factors make it possible for professionals in the early and middle stages of their careers to "really make their mark."

Columbus is viewed as a city of opportunity for a variety of reasons. The median sales price for a home in the first quarter of 2014 was $99,900, which is far more affordable than most of the country's biggest job centers. Ohio State University, a "thriving arts and cultural scene" and access to high-quality healthcare provide an excellent quality of life. Residents of Columbus are able to spend time and energy starting a business, being creative, or enjoying free time, instead of constantly competing for jobs and housing in a stressful, pressure-filled environment.

As home to a number of large corporations like Nationwide Insurance and outposts for companies such as JPMorgan Chase and Alliance data Systems, job opportunities and customers for smaller businesses are numerous. Forbes also mentioned NCT Ventures and Drive Capital as part of a "healthy pipeline of venture funding for entrepreneurs".

The list was developed in conjunction with Sperling's analysis of median home sales, recent unemployment rates from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and population data from the Census' American Community Survey. It focused on core urban areas instead of Metropolitan Statistical Areas, which includes the city and surrounding suburbs. Read the entire list and article here.

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