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Like to eat out but feeling the pinch of those little splurges? Grilling is a great way to spend less on dinner or entertaining, and you've got the facilities right here at your Preferred Living community.

Here are a few tips to make grilling a budget-friendly habit.

Get creative with familiar foods
Refresh your menus by dressing up foods that might otherwise be a little boring. You can boost the flavor of burgers, sausages and chicken breasts with ingredients that say "flavor!" Sautéed onions, blue cheese, Sriracha mixed with mayo, and other zesty toppings are easy add-ons. Simply grilling a buttered bun or flatbread will boost texture and flavor.

Make the most of inexpensive cuts
Great grilled flavor doesn't require fancy cuts or the catch of the day. Pass up the T-bone for a flank or skirt steak. Try some chicken legs and thighs rather than boneless breasts and you'll have a juicy and affordable alternative.

Learn a new BBQ trick: brining
When time allows, brining – soaking the meat in a solution including sugar and salt – is like an insurance policy for flavorful, juicy results. Here's an explanation from Fine Cooking and a recipe from Tyler Florence of the Food Network.

Get ready for "Planned Overs"
Cook once, eat twice is a great way to save time and money. Tonight's grilled chicken will be fantastic on tomorrow's burrito or salad. Moist heat methods are best for reheating, and that includes using leftover meat or grilled veggies in soup.

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