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While apartment living is great for many of us, it also means the only thing separating you and your neighbor is a wall. That’s why it’s always important to think of your neighbor before doing something that could be disruptive.

The staff at Preferred Living has some tips to help you and your neighbors live in peace.

Noise control

It’s important to keep noises at a modest level because your neighbor can easily hear loud sounds. It’s especially important to remember this fact late at night and early in the morning. If you’re having a small get-together with friends, let your neighbor know ahead of time so they won’t be surprised. You can even invite them over if you’d like. 

Pass the smell test

Know that strong smells, especially cigarette smoke and certain cooking herbs, can sometimes make their way into your neighbor’s apartment. For that reason, make sure you open a window while you cook or step outside while to smoke.

Parking lot etiquette  

If you’re having people over, make sure they park in designated guest parking spots or park in spots that aren’t right in front of your apartment building. Your neighbors may become frustrated if they have to park two buildings because your guests took their “usual” spot.

We want all the residents at Preferred Living developments to feel right home. That’s why we remind our residents to be curious to your neighbors and hold regular events at each complex so you can get to know each other.

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