Moving preparation tips

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Moving into a new luxury apartment community is an exciting process that can also feel slightly overwhelming if you don’t properly prepare yourself.
Preferred Living shares how a little planning can make the moving process a smooth, rewarding way to begin the next chapter of your life.

Get rid of unnecessary items

Sure, you can keep your sun-faded Super Mario Brothers lunchbox. It’s a classic. Just remember: The more unnecessary items you eliminate now, the less stuff you’ll have to move. Moving is a good opportunity to de-clutter.

Pack items you’ll need first in a clear bin

Are you going to need to charge your phone in your new apartment because well, you always need to charge your phone? Put your charger in the most-important item box with necessities like power strips, paper towels, disinfecting wipes, toilet paper, trash bags and eating utensils.

Research moving companies

Getting friends and family members to help you out is cheap, but not always the best idea. Put in a little time researching highly rated moving companies that can make the day much less stressful. Try using Unpakt to help find reputable movers.

Take pictures of your electronics

Anyone who’s ever tried to figure out a complex web of audio and video jacks knows the importance of keeping these items organized. Before unhooking and packing these items up, take photos of the back of your electronic devices. This will ensure you know which cords go where.

Heavy items go in small boxes

Even when filled with books, smaller boxes are easier to carry. Use larger boxes for light items that won’t strain your back. 

Change your address early

Changing your address a week before the moving date ensures your Amazon Prime shipment, bills and other mail will arrive at your new home. You can do this at the nearest U.S. Post Office or online.

For more information on moving into your new home at a Preferred Living community, contact us online.

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