The Basics of Apartment Gardening

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container gardens
A lack of abundant outdoor space does not need to prevent those living in apartments from growing their own garden. 
There are plenty of fruits, vegetables and herbs that fare quite well in small spaces, making them perfect candidates for container gardens at your Preferred Living luxury apartment. Try the following edibles to grow on the balcony, patio or sunny indoor spaces.


Homegrown tomatoes are quite satisfying to plant in your container garden because they’re often much better than you’ll find in the produce section. You’ll want to use at least a 15-gallon pot in a full-sun (eight hours of sun) location for the most success, while supporting them with caging or a stake. You can also try growing them upside down, which takes up less floor space and offers greenery at eye level.


Many herbs require only small containers, so you can grow a large variety of them without taking up much space. Basil, thyme, oregano and parsley each have a small footprint, while mint will grow to the size of its container. Sage and rosemary grow nicely in containers, but need slightly more space. 


Thoroughly rinse an avocado pit and push three or four toothpicks into its side, suspending it at the top of a water-filled glass with the point sticking up out of the water. The roots and stem should begin sprouting in 2-6 weeks. Place them in a pot that gets plenty of sun. Water it lightly but frequently.


Blueberry varieties such as Top Hat and Peach Sorbet grow well in smaller containers, forming a bush of about two feet in diameter. Blueberries tend to like peat moss and acidic soil, so fertilizing may yield good results. You will get more fruit by planting at least two varieties in the same container. 


Hot or bell peppers are similar to tomatoes in that they will grow nicely in larger containers placed in spots that get full sun. A warm-weather crop, peppers grow best indoors in soil that stays above 60 degrees. Fertilize the peppers twice a month to promote optimal growth.
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