Damage-Free Decorating Tips

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Do you have an interior designer mind that finds it difficult to leave living spaces untouched? 

Preferred Living wants you to “Live Well” – part of that notion is living in a space that feels as “you” as possible. There are a number of ways you can individualize your luxury apartment that still enable you to leave it exactly as you found it.

Add Color and Style with Rugs

If you want eyes to be drawn to a certain point of a room, a colorful rug can do the trick. Place it in seating areas, under tables or at the foot of the bed to make space feel cozy and inviting, as well as offer a change in texture on either hardwood or carpet. 

Love Your Lighting

String lights aren’t just for dorm rooms these days. Tastefully strung up lights on removable hooks can soften and warm any space, creating a relaxing mood for nighttime. You can also look for a stylish table and standing lamps to brighten up the room.

Get Fashionable with Folding Screens 

While folding screens can certainly create separation between spaces, they can also be used as a design element. Use a screen to provide a pop of color or texture contrast against a bare wall. For more versatility, paint both sides of the screen to double your color options. 

Books – Good for More Than Reading

Have more coffee table books than coffee table space to display them? Try stacking books on top of each other to create a unique nightstand or end table. This way, you can still display your books and even grab one if necessary, temporarily lowering your piece of creative furniture. 

Give Wallpaper the Temporary Treatment

We’re not talking about your grandmother’s wallpaper – modern advances have made it possible to put up temporary wallpaper via an adhesive that is no stronger than a sticky note on your desk. Consider using it as an accent on a single wall. Make sure you do your research to verify the temporary nature of the product and enlist the help of a friend to apply it.

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