Keep Your Apartment Warm Without Burning Through Your Wallet

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woman keeping warm in her apartment

As Game of Thrones fans have often heard, “Winter is coming.” 

As central Ohioans have often realized lately, “Winter is here.”

Keeping warm in Columbus during the winter months is no small task, but Preferred Living has some tips on how you can stay toasty in your suite without breaking the bank:

  1. Buy an energy-efficient space heater: Traditionally electricity guzzlers, energy-efficient heaters – such as a ceramic model – can cozy up the room without costing a fortune. 
  2. Use a humidifier: Winter air is cold and dry. Making the air in your suite more humid goes a long way in making it feel warmer. Plants can also add moisture and comfort.
  3. Here comes the sun: That winter sun reflecting off the snow can help keep your suite warm – if you open your window treatments and let the rays inside. At night, close them to help retain the heat. 
  4. Use a hot water bottle to warm the bed: Yes, they still make them, and yes, they still work. A water bottle such as this model will keep your bed (and feet) warm for hours when filled with hot H20.
  5. Shower your space with heat: Keep the bathroom door open when you shower to fill your home with warm, humid air. 
  6. Area rugs can make space cozy: Try putting down some area rugs in non-carpeted areas you spend the most time to help keep the cold off your feet. 
  7. Open the oven door after cooking: Hot ovens – whether used to heat frozen pizzas or a gourmet casserole – can be used to provide a blast of warm air to your space. 
  8. Cool it on exhaust fans: Use them as needed but turn them off otherwise to avoid pulling warmer air out of your apartment. 

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