How to Start Your Apartment Garden

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You don’t have to be an experienced horticulturalist to start a garden, and living in an apartment doesn’t mean your plant selection is limited. Now’s a great time to get plants started indoors even if you’re going to move them outside later.

Utilizing Your Space

Locate the sunniest spots in your apartment and on your patio or balcony. If you have limited floor space, consider vertically growing plants or hanging baskets. Not only will those plants save space, they’ll also add interesting textures to your floral displays.

Selecting Your Plants

If you’re growing plants in apartments around Columbus, Ohio, you’ll need to be mindful of our chilly early springs when picking plants and seeds if you’re going to put them outside.

Tropical plants: Snake plants and bromeliads are tropical houseplants that will add a splash of color to your apartment. They grow well outside during spring and summer but need to be kept inside during fall and winter.

Vegetables: Leafy green vegetables tolerate cooler environments well, so they’re perfect for early spring in Ohio. Cherry tomatoes are easy to grow and can survive low moisture environments. Green beans and peppers are also excellent plants for newbie gardeners.

Succulents: Aloe, aeonium and cacti are ideal if you’re looking for low-maintenance plants. They love warm, dry weather and require minimal watering. You’ll need to bring them indoors during the cooler part of the year.

Herbs: You can plant several herbs in a single container if you provide them with enough space and prune them regularly after they germinate. Easy-to-grow herbs include basil, chives, mint, parsley, cilantro and dill.

Tips for Growing Seeds

  • Only plant seeds in potting soil. Soil from the ground is too hard for delicate roots and may have bacteria that will kill seedlings.
  • Keep seeds warm to support germination.
  • Check your plants daily to ensure they have enough moisture, but don’t oversaturate the soil.
  • Turn planters and containers every day so seedlings don’t bend toward their light source.
  • Don’t plant seedlings outdoors until the last frost has passed.
  • Be mindful of exposing seedlings to the elements. Excess wind and heat will reduce the moisture in potted plants, which means they may require more frequent watering.

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