Apartment Energy-Saving Tips

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Summers in Ohio can get hot and humid. But before you crank the AC, check out these tips that will help you save on your utility bills.

Best Practices

Set your thermostat: Raise the temperature while you’re away, so you’re not cooling an empty space, but avoid cranking the AC when you return. It won’t cool your apartment any faster and will only increase your expenses.

Seal off doors and windows: Use a draft stopper under doors and windowsills to prevent cool air from escaping.

Use your microwave: Cooking food in a microwave is quicker and won’t produce as much heat as using your cooktop or conventional oven.

Keep air vents clear: Move furniture away from floor vents to promote good circulation and clear away dust or debris that’s blocking airflow.

Use ceiling fans or portable fans: The moving air creates a “wind chill” effect to keep you cooler without turning up the A/C. Turn off your ceiling fans when you’re not in the room to save electricity.

Wash clothes in cold water: Seventy-five percent of the energy associated with a washing machine goes toward heating the water, so doing your laundry in cold water can provide you with some serious savings.

Things to Buy

LED bulbs: These lightbulbs use 75% less energy than their incandescent counterparts and produce less ambient heat.

Drying racks: You can save even more on your electrical bill by air-drying your clothes instead of using your dryer.

Curtains: Close your curtains, drapes or blinds when the sun is at its peak to maintain the temperature in your apartment. Light-colored curtains will also reflect the sun’s rays.

Portable fans: Moveable fans provide direct airflow, which will help you cool down faster, so you don’t have to boost your AC.

Power strips: Plugging appliances, chargers, TVs and other electronic devices into a power strip will control phantom power, the energy devices use while they’re plugged into an electrical outlet.

Is Your Apartment Energy-Efficient?

Before selecting an apartment, ask these energy-related questions of your property management team:

  • Does your apartment have energy-efficient appliances, including the refrigerator, dishwasher, washer and dryer?
  • Are you responsible for changing the air filter in your furnace?
  • Can you adjust the temperature on your water heater?
  • Are you permitted to apply window films?
  • Can the maintenance staff install LED lights in your apartment?

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