Fall in Love with Autumn Décor

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There’s a change in the wind and a scent of crisp leaves in the air. It’s that time of year when we bust out the warm clothing and turn indoors to create a cozy autumn sanctuary. Here are some tips for prepping your apartment for fall.

Start the Season with a Clean Space

Thoroughly cleaning your apartment before you redecorate will clear out dust, debris and smells that don’t mix with an autumnal atmosphere. It’s also a good idea to clean while you can keep the windows open to ventilate cleaning chemicals.

Here are some maintenance tasks to consider:

Check on your furnace: Turn on your thermostat in the evening and pay attention to the smell. If you detect a slight burning scent, it likely means your air filter is dusty and needs changing. Put in maintenance requests before the weather turns too cold.

Wash your windows: The days are getting shorter, so take advantage of the daylight with clean windows. Letting in sunlight will warm your living space in the afternoon, so you don’t have to crank the heat.

Clean hard surfaces: Fall is cold and flu season, so regularly disinfecting countertops, appliances, light switches and door handles will keep pesky germs at bay.

Play with an Autumn-Inspired Color Palette

Bring the russets, coppers and golds of fall indoors with your décor. You can use those harvest colors to add a pop to your living room with throw pillows and blankets. Or cover your space with fall foliage, textures and patterns on drapes, rugs and lampshades.

If you’d like a more muted style, try decorations in mustard, taupe, burgundy or tan. You’ll get that fall feel without overwhelming your eyes with reds and oranges.

Creating a Cozy Ambience

As the days continue to shorten, bring your apartment to life in the evening with strings of lights. Avoid blue lights as they create a more sterile environment. Soft white or yellow lights make for a cozier atmosphere, especially on chilly autumn nights.

Glowing candles are another option to light up your apartment. Plenty of scents will boost a fall aesthetic, including pumpkin, apple, cinnamon, clove, cedar, ginger, and anise. And swap out your usual hand soap for something more autumn-appropriate that will leave a fresh scent in your bathroom.

Fall Food and Drink

Find seasonal fruits and vegetables and display them in your kitchen or on your dining table. Fall recipe books are functional and make great seasonal decorations. Fill jars with your favorite fall tea or herbs and use them for culinary décor.

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