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A Sense of Home is a Luxury Setting

Essex Boutique is an exclusive hideaway that’s slightly off the beaten path and bursting with special features that create a lavish living experience. This intimate complex provides the privacy you desire while retaining a sense of community. A Posh Experience That’s Outrageously Comfortable Step inside an Essex Boutique luxury suite and you’ll notice the contemporary…

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Fall in Love with Autumn Décor

There’s a change in the wind and a scent of crisp leaves in the air. It’s that time of year when we bust out the warm clothing and turn indoors to create a cozy autumn sanctuary. Here are some tips for prepping your apartment for fall. Start the Season with a Clean Space Thoroughly cleaning…

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Sheldon Park is Now Open in Columbus Near Hilliard

Are you looking for a luxury apartment near Hilliard? Do you want a unique experience with lots of convenient amenities and community perks? Then you’ve come to the right place. Preview the Apartment Features What makes your Sheldon Park apartment so special? It’s the thoughtful details and designer touches that provide comfort in a contemporary…

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Lounge and Play at The Lawn

We don’t limit our amenities to indoor entertainment at Preferred Living. Our residents can relax, unwind and have fun outside as well, and The Lawn is the perfect example. This unique outdoor space is shared by Belmont House and Hanover Park and boasts lots of incredible features. Let us walk you through what it would…

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Apartment Energy-Saving Tips

Summers in Ohio can get hot and humid. But before you crank the AC, check out these tips that will help you save on your utility bills. Best Practices Set your thermostat: Raise the temperature while you’re away, so you’re not cooling an empty space, but avoid cranking the AC when you return. It won’t…

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A Vacation Checklist for Apartment Dwellers

Whether you’re getting away for the weekend or going on an extended trip, it’s important to prepare your apartment for your vacation. Here’s our apartment checklist you can review before you hit the road. Talk with your property management team. Let the manager or staff know when you’re leaving for vacation and when you’ll return.…

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