Living in Columbus

This city in the heart of the heart state has a huge number of renowned educational and world-class medical facilities, and so many artistic opportunities! And Columbus living also allows you to access a number of notable surrounding areas. Toledo has one of the highest ranking Museums of art, as well as several glass blowing studios and displays. Cleveland is home of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. And in Columbus itself, you'll find COSI, the Ohio Historical Society, the Columbus Cultural Arts center, and so much more.



Columbus is also home to some top-rated public and private schools. Your children can attend schools, like Indian Run, Avalon or Worthington Elementary, and Worthington Way, Hilliard Heritage and Willard Grizzle Middle School. You can enroll your teenagers at high quality educational institutions, including Dublin Jerome, Thomas Worthington and Hilliard Davidson High School. They'll receive excellent instruction from teachers who know what they're doing. And of course, Columbus Ohio is home to one of the nation's finest and most well-know universities, Ohio State University. And living in Columbus will probably cause you to become an avid Buckeye football fan, too!



But artists and art lovers aren't the only ones who will be happy to enjoy living in Columbus lifestyle. There is plenty of entertainment in and around the city, too! In addition to museums, there are amusement parks and superb recreational facilities, as well as outstanding entertainment venues and special events year-round. Living in Columbus gets you access to movie theatres, old and new, Cedar Point, Put-In-Bay, live music, improvisational groups, traveling acts, concerts, festivals... just about everything you could want. And you don't have to deal with the traffic and extreme weather that Chicago is known for, the rude and busy aspect of a place like New York City, or the expensive tastes of Los Angeles vendors and community. So get excited about relocating to Columbus and start your new life with a positive attitude!


Living Preferred Lifestyle

The cost of Columbus living is very reasonable and downright cheap when compared to other states, such as California, New York, and Florida. And what you get for your money is amazing. For example, the type of lifestyle you can live when you rent a luxury suite from Preferred Living, one of Columbus's premier luxury community developers. Preferred Living provides much more than just everyday living spaces. They've designed a "Preferred lifestyle" in stylish and relaxing environments, and their communities feature concierge-type service, and amenities such as onsite tanning, Starbucks coffee, movie theatres, pools and gyms, games rooms, and more. Their prices and amenities allow you to enjoy Columbus with living luxuries.